My Olives

Peter Ryan
December 2001
Our oldest, lover of learning, sensitive to the Lord, strong leader. I always tell him he's going to be a preacher someday. He always tells me he isn't- time will tell.

Katherine Alaina
June 2003
Sugar, lover of books, elaborate picture draw-er, sweet to her younger sisters. A teacher in the making?

Madeline Olivia
August 2005
Spice, loves to move, dance, twirl, wear all things frilly and girly, too busy to sit and read, loves to help. Getter of water and kleenex when mama crashes on the couch after a long day- a nurse someday?

Teshome Jeremiah
March 2006
Our Ethiopian-born son, full of energy with a huge smile and contagious laugh!  He has a love for bike riding and playing in the water and a serious attachment to his big brother.  
He wants to be a pastor someday.

Isabella Marie
April 2007
More sugar, our delicate princess, always ready for a cuddle with mama. She wants to have lots of babies someday and marry a pastor- she thinks pastors should have lots of babies :)

Charlotte Jean
September 2008
More Spice, wild, daddy's girl, works at keeping up with everyone and being big girl.