Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I am tired
Tired of poopy butts and slimy faces
Tired of everybody needing me every second
Tired of not being able to clip my nails or shave my legs
Tired of not having time to knit or read or finish a cup of coffee or do a scrapbook page
Tired of people undoing everything I work so hard to do- taking beds, hair, clothes apart, smearing soap and toothpaste all over the bathroom and then dumping water everywhere
Tired of the day going by before I have a chance to catch my breath.
And I feel so selfish for not being able to keep going happily every second.
I mean there are people starving and hurting and living without Christ!
I have food and a home and a family and God's Light to guide me.
I am not a good servant.
I am tired.


Janet said...

Oh, I SO get this post! There are days I feel EXACTLY the same!!! I know that you shouldn't "live for yourself", but is a whole five minutes in the bathroom, uninterrupted, too much to ask?

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If you lived near me, I would take you out for nachos for a ladies night. EVERYONE needs some time out, once in a while...call up your friends. You need some time. It's not selfish...it's just....sanity. :-)

Praying for you,


dkt said...

I'm hearing you...

A blog I frequent has a very encouraging post right now...

Check it out...


dkt said...

I just realized I left the wrong address. Sorry! It's..