Wednesday, December 5, 2007

you must have misunderstood! and some snow

Peter, I asked you to "feed Ella" not "please teach Ella how to fingerpaint!"

Isn't it great to have a son so willing to "help"?

"what is he doing to me"

This is NOT a happy face!

That was yesterday. Today Peter and Kate are thrilled to be playing in the snow!!!!! It took the usual 15 minutes to get all the layers on. Hopefully they'll play for awhile and noone will have to go to the bathroom anytime soon!


Racine said...

Wow! That is one messy baby!

Ahhh..I remember the days of those stuff snow suits. Mom used to bundle me up in them and then I WOULD have to go to the bathroom....

Janet said...

Wow.....don't you ever clean your baby? LOL!