Monday, March 31, 2008

My Kate

Kate just asked, "Peter, do dogs like to eat porcupines?" (I'm laughing so hard still I can hardly type!) I had to get into this conversation so I asked, "Kate, why would a dog want to eat a porcupine?" Brilliant answer- "well, since cats like to eat rats, dogs should eat porcupines." Then she asked, "well, what do dogs eat then?" Exasperated with his sister, Peter replied in a loud and impatient manner, "dogfood." Can you tell we have no pets and don't live near any woods or farms or zoos where my dear daughter would learn about animals? We'll have to work on that one!


Janet said...

LOL! Maybe you should do a "farm field trip". LOL!

Racine said...

She can just come over to Aunt Racine and Uncle Dan's a few years I'm sure our household will have plenty to teach her about animal behavior :-)

Sarah said...

So cute! I'm pretty sure our dog mostly lives off of food thats been dumped or spilled on our floor :)