Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Scary Stuff

Over the past couple of years whenever I heard warnings against the world's philosophy in sermons or in Christian books I would think of Oprah. Yet, I continued to watch her on the rare occassion (maybe 6-8 times a year) that her schedule coincided with the kids naps and my need to just put my feet up for a little while and the show seemed to be about something interesting. The topics I would consider interesting included things like home decorating, what not to wear, or the informative Dr Oz. Seemingly harmless, right? Well, you may change your mind after you watch this video. It gave me chills. I no longer want her voice in this home- ever. I don't want a teeny tiny bit of her philosophy, her view of religion, hanging out in my brain. Oprah is not welcome here. It's sad to me because just like the next woman I loved hearing about different ways to maximize a small space, how to find a bra that fits PROPERLY, or what shape your poo should be if you're eating right. Even more sad- the fact that Oprah is deceiving millions of people. People listen to her and she is telling them that there can't be only one way. That God is not a belief, but a feeling. That there is no sin. Her deception is not just touching the world. Christians are trying to combine Oprah's teachings with Christianity! Her upbringing in the Baptist church seems to give her some sort of credibility among Christians when really we should all see right through that and recognize the HERESY!! As a friend of mine said, if Satan could speak, he would be saying the things Oprah is saying. Let's say goodbye to Oprah!



Sarah said...

I'm so with you on this one...I don't want her in my home anymore either. I will miss Dr. Oz though :)

Racine said...

No kidding, my poor little boy :-P So did you do the gold ring trick yet??