Friday, May 23, 2008

Something only a boy should say?

I have a confession to make-

first a disclaimer- I have eczema. Severe, extreme, painful eczema all over my hands. They break open, crack, swell, itch, etc constantly due to contact with anything from vegetables to soaps to, well, water and oxygen. So there are certain things I do as little or as quickly as possible. Thankfully me sweet husband does not like to see my hands become raw so he is often the one to bathe the children.

Depending on how much they play outside, they shower/ have baths 2-6 times a week. In the hottest days of summer when they are gross from playing outside, it's nearly everyday. I am not of the "bathe your children once a week whether they need it or not" school of thought- generally.

Here's the confession- today is Friday. My children have not been showered or soaked since Saturday!!! EWWW, I know! Normally they would have gotten cleaned on Tuesday night after soccer, but we skipped because I was sick. Then I was going to do it on Wednesday, but figured what's one more day, I'll just wait till after practice Thursday. Well, practice was cut short and they didn't break a sweat. Plus we got home so late from grocery shopping I figured, at this point, what's one more day? So I just suggested to Peter and Kate that they take baths. YES- separately- we do have 2 tubs. I thought they would enjoy some warm, alone play time in the tub. Peter scowled and said no, because the water gets cold (he pretty much always takes showers). Then my beautiful little girl said, very emphatically,

"I do not want to take a bath because I do not like being clean!"

I thought that was just a phase that little boys go through! Well, tomorrow is Saturday-
what's one more day?


Janet said...

As long as they don't smell in church, no biggie dealie, as my hubby would say....LOL!

I feel sorry for you with the eczema. My one son has it and it tortures him.

Anita said...

I love it...are you reading and publishing my thoughts from last week??? Bath night kept getting put off for us as well. Too funny.

Anonymous said...

So funny! And cute pict of 22 weeks!