Sunday, June 1, 2008

ice cream and wedding dates

A few days ago Ella experienced one of my greatest joys in life- ice cream. She's had it before, but this was so much more fun because she had her first ice cream cone. My kids have the best daddy because he always hides a treat, like m&m's at the bottom of the cone.

Yesterday Pete and I were supposed to go to a wedding. The daughter of a former employer/friend of Pete's got married. Well, Ella had been a little sick the day before so I didn't want to leave her with a babysitter all day. So Pete was going to go to the wedding alone and then come pick me up for the reception. A few minutes before he was supposed to leave Kate very sweetly asked me if only grown ups could go to weddings. I quickly realized that it would be really exciting for her to get dressed up and be daddy's date to the wedding.

Looks like we're at prom or something, huh?


Michelle said...

Hey Rachel! I stumbled upon your blog by a long and twisted path and was shocked to find people I know out on this web world! I was gonna catch you at church yesterday, but I had to leave right away. Anyways, like your blog, love your title/theme, and congrats on another girl!

Anita said...

ooo, that is so special for Kate...a date with daddy! It sounds like your kids have a great Dad!

Laurie said...

You can always remind Kate that she's been IN some weddings, so they must not only be for moms & dads (grown-ups!)