Saturday, July 26, 2008

Crying and Itching

That's what this week was about!
So much for "back to school!"
On Tuesday Kate developed a pin prick red rash which continued to get worse through the week. By Thursday she was covered in thick hives from head to toe. Her sweet face was swollen and she was MISERABLE with the itching. She was up in the night quite a bit due to the discomfort. So she and I were both pretty exhausted. After a couple of visits to the pediatrician he decided she is allergic to penicillin. I could relate to the discomfort she was experiencing because I had an allergic reaction to a different type of antibiotic when I was a teenager. That feeling like you are itching from the inside out all over your body is enough to make you feel absolutely crazy! Thankfully she is doing MUCH better now. We are sleeping through the night again- YAY.

I realized this week as I took care of her how selfish I am and how I take for granted the health we usually experience. Some people deal with children with illnesses all the time. Their life revolves around doctor visits and special feedings and medications. I had to adjust my expectations for the week which is really hard for someone like me who thrives on a schedule and doesn't like the plan to get out of whack! I had to forget about my plan and just sit on the couch and let Kate rest her head in my lap. She was much more calm as long as I was sitting with her. Then of course there was the guilt I felt that I wasn't spending enough time with the other kids and that they were all watching a little too much TV! One afternoon they watched HOURS of Little House on the Prairie- yes I watched too :) Being distracted seemed to help Kate sort of forget about the itchiness for awhile.

Well, hopefully this coming week things can be a little normal? We'll see about that! My sister and her husband are coming for most of the week. Dan has some classes in Chicago Tuesday through Friday so they are going to stay with us and Dan and Pete will drive in together every morning. Pete will be taking Dan to a train station each morning and picking him up each evening. So the guys will have kind of a long week. Racine wants to do lots of walking while she's here. Maybe she'll go into labor at my house???!!!! Yikes! We might try to go to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago since Peter will be studying sharks next week for science.

This afternoon we are heading to JC Penney to have a family picture done. That's always an adventure! We haven't done one since Maddie was a baby and I want to do one now and then we'll probably do another one when the new baby is around a year old. I better go get things ready!

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