Monday, August 18, 2008

Sanity seriously threatened by....

- five days without a washing machine

- play-doh in the carpet

- ants in the dining room

- potty a la Maddie in the bed (my fault- forgot to put a diaper on her last night!)

- cat poop in the sand box (no, we don't own a cat. i actually hate cats- sorry to all you cat lovers, it's nothing PERSONAL! they just make me sick- AND they keep pooping in our sand box!)

- my sister was due to have her first baby on Saturday and he has not made his debut yet

- children with SELECTIVE hearing!!

- heartburn

What can I say? It's a Monday! Time for some chocolate therapy?!

Okay, feeling a little guilty for complaining. Let's see if I can turn this around-

-washing machine was fixed today. only had to use little borrowed one for one week
-it's just carpet?
-nothing like some added protein when Ella goes scavenging for crumbs off the floor
-washing machine is fixed so I "get to" wash Maddie's bedding right away
-atleast the kids can play on the swing set
-not sure there's a fix for the hearing problem
-ditto on the heartburn problem until this baby is born

So as for the chocolate, I'll enjoy it for a minute. Then I'll be eating some TUMS. Goodie. Good thing I like chocolate mint.


Janet said...

Ugh. One of THOSE kinds of days, is it? I'm glad you got your washing machine fixed, anyway. I know what it's like to wash everything by hand, and it ain't pretty. :-)

Hope your Tuesday is a WHOLE lot better!

Laurene said...

I can relate to the heartburn...everything I eat makes me burn these days. I am in love with helps me a lot & thankfully after many weeks/months of burning the Dr. said it was the best thing for me to try.

Anonymous said...

Heartburn is the worst. I had SOME MAJOR heartburn during my pregnancy!

6 weeks huh? WOHOOO!