Tuesday, September 30, 2008

my son the genius inventor

Lately the kids have been coming up with new names for their favorite condiment mixtures. For example, Peter likes to mix a little A-1 with his Ketchup which he calls ketchup-1. Brilliant, I know. "I just don't know where they got their love of dipping from" (she attempted to say with a straight face). Their father thinks he knows though. And I'm sure my parents think they know too. I happened to remember them having to tell a certain daughter of theirs not to dip her green beans in A-1.

Tonight at dinner Peter suddenly got bright eyes and said, "hey- I know what I'm going to do when I grow up. I'm going to put something new in stores. It's going to be called shalt." Now do you have any idea what that would be? Yes, if your food needs a touch of salty sweetness or sugary salt (depending on how you look it) you'd sprinkle on some shalt.

It's a good thing the boy gave me a laugh because when he dropped the dust buster on the floor today and who knows how many weeks' worth of dust, food crumbs, etc went flying all over the entire dining/kitchen floor I was so NOT laughing! And just so you don't think I'm terrible for not being happy that he was trying to help clean up, we do have a rule about the dust buster. He is supposed to sweep and THEN ask ME to get it down from it's holder 5 feet off the floor. And that rule is due to the fact that he dropped it once before. And it cracked. And now it's really not doing well. So tonight while Pete is grocery shopping at Walmart, his favorite store (insert sarcasm here), he will be looking for a new one.


Naomi Rebecca said...

"Shalt" -- that's classic! :)

Laurene said...

Gosh I though he'd grown out of the fascination with the dust buster...I remember that being his favorite thing @ Nana's for a while!

Racine said...

This is a great post, a nice look into what I may have to look forward to with life with a little boy....but it's missing something; pictures of Charlotte! (I'm going to keep pestering you until I see some!)