Thursday, September 4, 2008

This and That and pictures

Last weekend we celebrated Maddie's 3rd birthday by letting her build a bear and then having lunch at McDonald's (her choice)- and not just burgers, shared fries, and waters, but HAPPY MEALS. I just about cracked up when we were parking and Kate said, with astonishment, "are we eating INSIDE?" I then realized that I have lived in this town for three years and I'm not sure I had ever seen the inside of our McDonald's!

Oh my stars!

On Monday we had a few families from church over for a Labor Day cookout. The children all had a blast making rivers in the sand box and swimming and playing on the swing set. Isabella especially enjoyed her crunchy dessert- sand! Why, I wonder, do small children not learn after the first bite that sand is not a yummy snack?!

This boy always has his face in a book. I'm very thankful that he LOVES to read, but once in awhile the fountain of animal facts is almost more than I can handle. For science this year Peter is studying one animal per week for 20 weeks. He is absolutely devouring this animal encyclopedia. I am amazed at his ability to retain the information! HE is actually homeschooling ME. Here he is "cleaning up his school area" so that he could play for awhile before lunch. I guess he couldn't put the book away without reading about tarantulas first!

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Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

The pictures are so sweet, looks like fun!