Wednesday, October 22, 2008

6 things

I was tagged by Sheri to list 6 things I've learned lately. So here goes:

1. I don't actually enjoy cooking or baking. Blame it on the terrible eczema on my hands, my lack of patience, or the fact that I'd much rather be reading a book or knitting, or doing so many other things, but I cook and bake because I like to eat!

2. I need to work on being more relationally oriented than task oriented. I think this is something I've known for awhile, but never put into those words until my dear friend Brooke did it for me- she knows me too well!

3. I have to get the baby back on a schedule. We were doing so well for awhile there and then somehow I started getting distracted and found that I was letting her just fall asleep in the swing or while nursing. Not good! That led to a baby who didn't want to go to sleep in her bed all by herself! So we're working on that and things are getting better already.

4. The more children I have, the more I can see my own sin! I remember learning this after Ella was born and now I'm seeing it again after 5! It is challenging and stretching to the soul to have many children- definitely a means of sanctification! Will I be malleable and open to the ways the Lord wants to change me and grow me? Or will I be selfish and stubborn and try to do it on my own strength?

5. I HAVE to get up at 5am no matter how tired I think I am. What it comes down to is this- if I stay in bed that extra hour or even two, I still feel tired and then I'm crabby to go along with the tired because the kids are already up and fighting and pulling out the cereal and I haven't had time to read my Bible OR have coffee!

6. Ella doesn't like it when I'm on the computer and she's ready for dinner.


Esther said...

Ok, I only have three little men, but the schedule thing seems so much harder now! Judah takes naps very well in his bed but still seems somewhat sporadic with sleeping 10-12 hours at night. Did you have this at all? I can't stop doing fun things with my older boys because Judah needs a nap, righ?

Janet said...

All good things to know, that's for sure....:-)

Rachel Marie said...

I've had good sleepers over all- the 4 oldest sleep about 11 hours a night. They ALL have rest time for an hour while the youngest take their afternoon naps. The "fun" stuff either happens with all of the kids before or after naps OR with the oldest kids during the little ones naps. For example, we went to the pumpkin patch AFTER naps. And if we're going to do a craft I often do that with the oldest 2 or 3 while the others are napping.

Michelle said...

I need to listen to your number 5 ~ about getting up early ~ I always take that extra hour or two, three (heehee) and I still feel so tired! but i just can't seem to get my lazy self out of the bed!