Monday, October 20, 2008

Busy Week

Last week was really busy. I thought it would be less busy now that our Tuesday and Thursday evenings are no longer filled with swimming lessons. Somehow we quickly filled those evenings! It was all good stuff, just too much! On Monday we did our 3rd annual pumpkin painting extravaganza with the Terpstra family.

(I have no idea what they are doing here with their hands!)

Tuesday we had our church directory picture. So I met Pete at church after he got off work, got the kids in their new fall/winter church clothes (we couldn't wear them on the ride because there's always the chance someone will do something gross and mess themselves up- and it was HOT that day). When we were done with that we still had to eat supper and it was after 7 so we stopped at the little family diner type restaurant in our town. It was so great to be able to sit and nurse the baby while someone else cooked, served, and cleaned up after us! If we had gone home it would have been a crazy, stressful time of trying to hurry and cook while the baby screamed for her supper and everyone would have gotten to bed even later (much like the last 5 weeks of swimming lessons, which I actually never would have signed up for if I had KNOWN Charlotte was going to be so early!).

Wednesday we drove about an hour away to have supper with Pete's mom and his two grandma's. Neither of them had met Charlotte yet so it was great to see them and introduce them to her. I thought I had left my camera at home so I have no pictures- later I discovered it had been in my purse (grrr!). The kids did pretty well considering it was another late night!

Friday Pete and Peter went camping and my mom, sister, and nephew came for the weekend. I thought it would be nice to have some "girl time" while the boys were gone. So what do little girls want to do when there's no brother around? Paint nails? Play Candyland? Nope! Here's what they found to keep themselves busy-


We took lots of pictures so we can remember Charlotte meeting her aunt Racine and her cousin Aiden for the first time!


Anonymous said...

great photos!

Racine said...

Aiden looks like such a little protector already...I think he needs a little sister!

I love the pictures of the girls getting messy!