Monday, October 6, 2008

A fun fall Saturday

Saturday we went to a local county park and living history farm to enjoy their fall festival. This park is on the property of a former dairy farm established in the mid 1850's. People in historic costumes did demonstrations of soap making, quilting, tatting, rug making, wood carving, and egg grading. We had a great time listening to the humor, music, magic tricks, and sales pitch (for those cure-all elixers) of Quackenbush. If you've ever watched Little House on the Prairie and seen one of those travelling salesmen, you can picture what Quackenbush was like! We took a horse drawn hay wagon ride out to the "back 80" where the kids got to try some farm chores like hammering a nail, doing laundry with a wash board and wringer, dipping candles, and piling fire wood. The funny thing about the wagon ride was that we waited in line for about 20 minutes and when the wagon finally pulled up Kate suddenly tried to run away! Pete had to DRAG her onto the wagon and he reminded her that "you're not afraid of horses, you're afraid of dogs!" Yeah, my girls are not exactly animal lovers. Not sure why! Once she got on she was fine though.


Peter and Kate doing laundry the old fashioned way

Ella had so much fun stacking firewood

On the front porch of the old farm house- everyone is actually smiling!! I think that would be a first.

This is a baby who had too much fun and no nap! Good thing we only had a short drive home.


Janet said...

I did laundry the old fashioned way in Africa. It's not as fun as it looks. ;-)

Racine said...

I have to agree with my nephew! He is such a little chubber now, it's great. I would have loved to see the kids doing all that stuff...we went somewhere like that in South Carolina once...such a great experience! I am counting the days until next Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Love the sleepy wrap!