Monday, November 10, 2008

sorry-wrong number!!

YIKES!!! Just for your information-
When calling toll free numbers, make sure to pay attention to whether it is 800 or 888 or you could be in for hearing something you'd rather not hear. I'm just saying. Especially if you're trying to call a certain retailer of baby items. Enough said? Good- lesson learned!


4 Little Men and Twins said...

ha! that's funny!


Janet said...

Oops. :-)

Michelle said...

oh, I've done that before...I thought I was calling my bank's automated phone line. Yikes.

800marketer said...

There are actually companies that exist just to get wrong numbers, and they typically play short advertisements telling you to call another toll free number for "exciting people nationwide" (aka phone sex) or for over priced directory assistance.

Just one of these companies have more toll free numbers than every AT&T customer combined. They're huge and get millions and millions of calls per day. It's kind of a numbers game just like some people do with domain names.

So yes, be careful and don't call another number that they redirect you to!

Bill Quimby

Michelle said...

That's terrible! but I can't help but giggle too!