Monday, November 3, 2008

update and having a moment

Over the weekend we went to Michigan for Aiden's baptism and we were able to visit my grandparents. It seems that Grandpa didn't have a stroke which is what the first assumption was. As more tests were done, the doctors determined that he has a disorder called Myasthenia Gravis (MG). It is characterized by weakness of the voluntary muscle groups. The good news is, it is treatable!! When we saw him he had already been on the medication for nearly 24 hours and he had improved tremendously. He and my Grandma are both very upbeat and were able to laugh as they explained to us the terrible time Grandpa was having trying to talk without control of any of the muscles around his mouth! We are all praising the Lord for this diagnosis, so thankful that it isn't a stroke or something else that can't be managed. Thank you for your prayers! We will be praying that the medication continues to work and is easily regulated and that he can go home soon and be fully capable to assist Grandma in her recovery from surgery.

Now it is 4:30 am- why am I up? I nursed Charlotte around 3 and then I was awakened an hour later by a child with a wet bed so I got up to change sheets, etc- and not with the best attitude, I'll admit. As I was putting the sheets in the washing machine I just kept thinking, "HOW am I going to homeschool if I am not sleeping through the night?" I hate these moments of doubt, these moments of thinking I am crazy to think I can do my children's educations justice by keeping them home. I love homeschooling- love it when I am prepared and organized. Right now I feel like I am always one step behind! I was exhausted last night and went to bed at 8:30 but then I didn't go to sleep until nearly 10 because Charlotte was fussy and wouldn't settle down (gas?) and then I nursed her at 9:30. I need about 24 more hours in each day!!! Anyway, after I helped the wet child, I thought, "why bother going back to bed now?" So I am going to get some laundry folded and do my Bible study homework (I just started doing the Beth Moore Patriarchs Bible study with some friends) and ask the Lord for strength for this day. I think by lunch time I will probably be done for! Coffee, here I come.


Charity said...

I'm with you today! I'd like a do-over for the morning! Dumped plant, bumped heads, and grumpy faces all around! I'm looking forward to naptime since I don't have coffee as an out :)

Daniel's Helpmeet said...

Coffee isn't an out for me either. My baby had some type of allergic reaction yesterday and was miserable and she still isn't sleeping through the night. Just as we are taking a good step forward we get hit with 3 steps back. As a dear friend of mine keeps reminding me: it's only for a season and God will give you the strength to get through it. I see it every day as we deal with our high needs baby.

The "just for a season advice" is so true....As of tomorrow we will probably have a 3rd driver in the house. It's only on a permit, but I look back an wonder how he could be 15 already. Next time I blink he'll be getting married and having his own children.

Wet bed sheets, sick children, babies who don't sleep through the night...they are all from God and he uses them to bring us closer to Him and rely on Him more and for our sanctification......I'm learning to be thankful, no matter how crabby I want to be!

Janet said...

Since Adam and Jeane have come home, I have needed to scale back a bit in the homeschooling. Otherwise, I think I would be in the looney bin right now.

Sorry you're having a hard time sleeping. I hope it gets better.

And good news about your grandpa!!!

Charity said...

PS - thank you for the update on your Grandpa - I'm glad to hear he is doing better!

Anonymous said...

I SO hear you. I can't think when I am tired... and I too wonder how will I do school????

Glad your gramps didn't have a stroke.