Thursday, December 4, 2008

dinner conversation

last night at supper:

"when we're done can we have dessert?" (Maddie)

"no." (me)

"why?" (Maddie in a whiny voice)

"Because we didn't have a vegetable." (me- we had eggs and pancakes and I figure the syrup is sugar enough)

"Is ham a fruit or a vegetable?" (who else but Kate would ask that)

"MEAT!" (me -with the "are you kidding me" look on my face)

"Oh, meat is a vegetable." (Kate with a satisfied look on her face because she finally understands how this whole food thing works. Or not. This morning she looked at the ROAST in the crock pot and asked me how the CHICKEN was going to get cut up!!)

I laugh a lot thanks to these crazy kids!!


Racine said...

Pretty sure I've had conversations like that with my HUSBAND. lol.

Charity said...

Find it funny that Kate isn't identifying meat when that is the ONLY thing Emma identifies...of course, so that she finds something to refuse to eat! Argh!

Michelle said...

heehee! I just love kiddos and the things they say