Saturday, January 10, 2009

winter nature study

While I love the idea of using the Charlotte Mason approach to nature study, I'll admit I'm not very good at it. Especially in the winter. It just takes so long to bundle everyone and then there are the babies to worry about so I tend to not get the kids out as often as I probably should. Well, I am really going to work on that. And I just found these 2 blogs which will definitely help to inspire me to embrace the wonder of winter and appreciate the glory of God in creation- even the cold and windy kind! If you need ideas for winter nature study, check out


Daniel's Helpmeet said...

I;m right there iwth you. I have given up on a lot of the hands on stuff. it's just not my style of teaching. However I do provide the resources so the kids can go out and learn. Josiah loves bugs, so he has bug books and catchers so He loves to be out in the summer learning.

Enjoy all your snow - we have none!

Janet said...

I did teh Charlotte Mason method for one spring and summer and the sketchbooks/notebooks are still sitting there....sigh. I LOVE the idea. Just don't seem to have the time.