Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Zoo trip take 2

Last Wednesday morning I decided it was going to be a beautiful day for the zoo. Sometimes these things work better if you don't plan ahead. Everyone was healthy and the forecast was bright so I found a friend to meet us there and away we went. It's quite an adventure to drive into Chicago with 5 not so quiet children. As we got into heavy traffic I told them all that they had to be completely quiet so I could concentrate on not getting us lost and on finding parking. Thankfully they all cooperated really well. When I thanked them for being quiet Peter said it was because they wanted to get there as soon as possible! Here are a few pictures of our day at Lincoln Park Zoo with my friend Julia and her 3 kids.

Emma, Maddie, and Ella

the big kids learning about African Wild Dogs

tired, hot kids

so glad my babies love their stroller!

Kate is so silly!

Maddie was being stubborn and wouldn't turn around- this is the closest we got to a picture of all the kids


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

What darling little kiddos!

Raising Olives said...

Hi Rachel,

We have a lot in common. First of course our blog name. Next, we have the same living room carpet. (I've visited your blog before and read the post rainy day vegging) and we have that same carpet in our family room (red oriental with black trim). Last, aren't you carrying that baby in a Moby??

Too funny. Nice to meet you and I hope you will visit again.


Kimberly from the OTHER Raising Olives!