Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Charlotte's new trick

My babies are usually kind of late sitters. We are just now at the point where we can sit Charlotte on the floor and not worry that she'll just tip over backwards right away. She LOVES to sit and play with her brother and sisters! Right after mastering the art of sitting up straight she wasted no time in moving on to her next trick- pulling up to standing. It looks a little scary because she's just a tiny thing and I wonder how on earth those little feet are enough to stand on! I'm sure we'll have several tipping over and hitting the head incidents, but that's really unavoidable. I got a picture of her doing it yesterday for the first time. She was quite motivated by trying to see what was in the toy box.

This is just to show how much we LOVE our new carrier. I've been using it pretty much everyday since I got it. Yesterday I put my miserable teething baby in it after lunch while we did the whole cleaning up routine. She fell asleep in it while I was mopping the floor. I still love my sleepy wrap, but this one is easier for me to use on my back (it can be worn on the front as well). And it's a whole lot more stylish than the old snugli I got when I had Peter and never really used much. In fact, if you go to the website for this one you'll find that your choices are endless! You can design your own by choosing the fabric. You can get them reversible and add on options like a pocket or a toy clip.


Anita said...

Oh she is so cute! Sounds like you are on the verge of a VERY interesting stage...curiosity and the ability to do something about it:)

Laurene said...

Please tell me more about this carrier...called what? Made by whom?

Rachel Marie said...

the carrier is a babyhawk- go to babyhawk.com.