Thursday, July 2, 2009

Champaign and a plane

A few weeks ago we went to Champaign, Illinois to attend a Classical Conversations practicum in order to prepare us for starting this Christian classical community this fall. Our family is very excited about this addition to our homeschooling life. We chose to attend that particular one because there were none in our area and it enabled us to enjoy the hospitality of Pete's sister, Laurie and her husband, Larry and our nephew Eli. We had a great time hanging out with them in the evenings. We got to tour uncle Larry's workplace, eat some great pizza, and Pete, Peter, Kate went for a ride in uncle Larry's plane!! The boys had gone before, but this was Kate's first time and I am sure she will rememeber it forever!

there was lots of tree climbing

Peter and Kate had to stand in front and tell all the parents what their favorite work of art from their drawing camp at the practicum was

the plane ride

we just had to go to Sonic since we don't have one where we live and the children needed to be introduced to the place where I had my first job. I was a carhop on skates which was great because I ate ice cream and french fries and worked it all off! Hmm..maybe I need to start rollerskating again!


Anita said...

Are you going to give your ignorant readers (read me here) an idea of what classical conversations is all about?
Oooo, a plane ride, that would be sooo fun!

Leslie said...

Great, you're doing CC too. I love hearing more and more families who are.

I am in Texas and have a community starting as well.