Friday, August 14, 2009

Why I Will Stick to Shopping Online

1. I ALWAYS ALWAYS feel rushed when I shop in stores. Either I have kids with me who constantly need to eat, pee, be changed or be reminded not to act like an animal in public. Or I have left some or all of the kids with a babysitter and don't want to be "on the clock" for too long. Or I have a grandparent or friend watching some or all of the kids and feel guilty for receiving such a gracious act of service and don't want to take advantage of them.

2. Sales people are not helpful. Why do we even call them "sales people?" They sure don't seem concerned with making a sale. Instead they treat you like a nuissance if you ask for a different size. They open a fitting room for you and say, "let me know if you need anything," but don't tell you their name and are nowhere to be found when you do need something. So you have to put all your clothes back on and manuever the huge stroller back out of the fitting room to search for the size you need only to return to the fitting room to find it locked.

3. Clothes were not made for real bodies. The mannikins all have the body that many of us had when we were barely more than little girls. I am a woman now. I have had five children and things are not where they used to be. HOWEVER I do not want to dress like I am SIXTY!

4. Modest options are limited to say the least. For church clothes I like to wear longer dresses or skirts because my children stand at just the right height to lean on or hug my leg and end up giving the people behind us a show. And I am so sick of how low cut almost all the shirts and dresses are AND how they are all so thin that you have to wear a tank or something underneath. What ever happened to only having to wear ONE shirt at a time??

5. The stores are messy.

6. The stores are crowded.

7. The advertisements ALL over the mall are obscene and I don't like my children having to see that garbage.

8. It makes me tired.

9. Hardly any stores actually carry "Talls" so I have to order online anyway.

10. I don't have to wait in line.


Anita said...

I can SOOO realte to #1 on your list. I have gotten very good at shopping fast, whether it be groceries, clothes, or errands.

Charity said...

Amen, and again I say, AMEN!!!

brookebrownell said...

love the rampage about shopping... kind of reminds me of all those calls you made to animal control in your third trimester awhile back :)
the camping pics are adorable... i think ella looks super cute- maybe she and parker have a future

Michelle said...

i LOVE shopping online too! the past couple of years i have done the majority of christmas shopping online! i hate fighting the crowds

Michelle said...

love it, you make me laugh! and I totally agree.

Anonymous said...

I am SO SO SO with you.