Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Little Getaway

Last Friday Pete and I went to Chicago for a quick little getaway. When I planned this I actually thought we hadn't been away together since I was pregnant with Maddie over 4 years ago- turns out I was forgetting about our little excursion to St Joseph, Michigan when I was pregnant with Ella three years ago. And if you think you see a trend here, stop that!

First we headed to the Ethiopian Diamond to try Ethiopian food for the first time. It was very good, but it took me a few minutes to stop looking for a fork. This is what our food looked like-

This is injera bread- a little spongy with a sort of bitter taste- that you tear off and scoop up some of the meat or veggie dishes and eat with your fingers.

After dinner we walked around for awhile and got some ice cream. Then we headed to our home for the night. Thanks to the generosity of my sister in laws in laws (got that?) we were able to stay in a condo in the Hancock Building with spectacular city light views!

In the morning I stayed in bed and read a book without any pressure to adhere to a schedule! Still, we were out the door with our bikes before 9 am. I am actually still sore from our 3 hour bike ride. We stopped for breakfast at a Cornery Bakery then rode along the Lakeshore for the rest of the morning. We had absolutely perfect weather and it was so much fun!

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Cory and Margaret said...

Good for you both getting some time together! Congrats on your new journey!!!