Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No More Excuses

For most of the past 8 years I have been either pregnant or breastfeeding or both. Which makes it really easy to justify holding onto extra weight. I was always just so hungry and tended to eat however much of whatever sounded good without really thinking about it. And I've never been one to exercise for fun. So while losing a few pounds (or 2o) sounded good, I knew it would take something drastic. That's why when I heard of Isagenix through a blog friend I thought it sounded like a great place to start. As of August I was finished breastfeeding Charlotte and I am not pregnant so I figured this would be a good time to learn how to eat like a normal person and not like a growing teenager or mother eating for 2. But how to do that when I USED to be a skinny person who could eat like a horse and not gain a pound? I went straight from that skinny person to a baby nourishing person and then here I was just eating for me and not really doing it well. That's where the Isagenix toxin and fat burning cleanse comes in. I decided a couple of weeks ago to take the plunge and try the 9 day cleanse and I am thrilled to say that I have had GREAT results. I won't lie, it was hard. However, it was SOOOOO worth it because I lost 13 pounds and I am truly not craving junk. My body is recognizing that I've had enough to eat way before I get to that overly full point. And here's another strange, but wonderful result I'm noticing- when I was pregnant with Peter I started having a strange itchy mouth reaction to melons. With each pregnancy it got worse- I had the reaction to almost any fresh fruit or vegetable. This, of course, makes it very difficult to eat healthy!! Well, I've been eating apples and carrot sticks again without having that itchy mouth! A fluke? Maybe. Or maybe I needed to be cleansed from toxins and lose some poundage in order to not have the terrible itchy mouth reaction?!
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I actually signed up to sell Isagenix because I am so happy with my results and I wanted to be able to share it so you can go to if you want to order from me.

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