Thursday, January 7, 2010


*One of these days perhaps I'll upload some Christmas pictures

*For now I'm too busy with
Potty Training Ella
Getting back into a school routine after a lovely month long break
Knitting- a scarf for Pete, socks, another felted bag

*I'm feeling bad for Pete who is going to get groceries in the big snowstorm tonight after already having 2 nights away from home this week at church meetings.

*I'm relieved that Pete has informed me that I'm not allowed to go anywhere today due to previously mentioned snowstorm.

*I REALLY need to go to the dentist and get a haircut, but that means coordinating appointments and a sitter and I'm just too busy with....well....see above.

*I haven't looked through our homestudy folder or done anything to make progress on that in over a week now- we decided to take a break from it and just enjoy Christmas and company for New Year's- time to get back at it!


Daniel's Helpmeet said...

we did the groceries yesterday because of the snow. The kids enjoyed a cheap lunch at Sams and we made it through with everything we needed in record time. We do have an eye dr appointment that we are still going to. He is just 5 miles or so down the road, so it should be an easy drive. Our township is pretty good about the plowing.

Racine said...

Your large font words are throwing me off in reading your blog. Stop it.