Monday, March 8, 2010

Adoption Update

In the midst of all the paperwork and reading that is required in order to complete our homestudy and put our dossier together I often feel like I'm getting nowhere. I might work for hours on documents, phone calls, etc and feel like I've made some serious progress and then the next day or the next week I discover I did something wrong or there was more to something than I realized. It can be very frustrating to feel like for every two steps we move forward, we take a step back. Thankfully, we are almost finished with our homestudy! I feel like it is taking us forever, but it is now a matter of Pete finishing his last book! We had our home visit with our social worker last week so now she can write her report. So now I have to keep plugging away at our dossier!


jodes said...

Is Bethany doing your homestudy?? What books are they having you read? We plan on signing with our agency in May, so I, too, will be in the same boat. Keep on pushing, the end result will be soo worth it (though i don't have to tell you that!).

shannon, mom, wife, blogger said...

i remember feeling the same way - you are your children's advocate at this point! just remember that you are working for them...just like when they come home! :)
keep at it rachel - soon your beautiful new additions will be home and all this paperwork will be a distant memory!
praying for peace in this process!

Janet said...

Keep going, Rachel. It's all work it in the end. It IS hard work, and so much to think about, but trust me, you will love the results. :-)

David and Linda said...

I know how you feel!! I am going through the same thing right now and it is frustrating!

All in God's timing - that is what I keep reminding myself of.

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Anonymous said...

UUUG. The paperwork is SUCH A PAIN!