Tuesday, May 4, 2010

from Pleasant View

There is a beautiful blog called Pleasant View Schoolhouse that I have enjoyed reading for awhile now. It is the blog of Anna, once an attorney, now a homeschooling mother of five. Her homemaking and crafting abilities are truly inspiring, but I have always wondered how she has time for such things. She recently did a little q and a and I just love her advice to young mothers. It made me feel so much more hopeful and realistic about the season of life that I am in. Here's what she says to those of us with little ones:

"Honey, it's different for you. Don't expect to be able to do everything during these days. These days are the most challenging parenting you'll do. Keep up with the laundry, feed your family fresh vegetables, sweep the floor when you have to, get some fresh air, and try, try, try to do a little something creative every day. You'll feel so much better."

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brookebrownell said...

very interesting... i'm going to check that out. this pregnancy has already shown to be easier having older kids as well....