Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer is here

We have had two wonderfully hot days and I am loving it! Summer is definitely my favorite season. I love fall, but with summer you get the promise of fall and with fall you get the promise of winter which leads to February and if you've been reading awhile you know how I feel about that month.

Yesterday after church we grilled and ate outside. Then we had to give the kids showers because Pete didn't want to take sweaty, stinky kids to church. It was worth it for the pleasure of eating outside. Of course, that's probably easy for me to say since Pete took care of the baths and showers.

Today started with breakfast on the patio. Then school on the patio. Then lemonade. Then more school on the patio. Then school in the clubhouse of the swingset. Then we came in because we needed a break.

When Pete got home the kids were surprised with the kiddie pool that he picked up. Pete grilled while the kids splashed and played in their very crowded pool and then we ate outside again and my meal was accompanied by the first sweet tea of the day.