Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summertime and school

I decided that we are not doing school work for the month of June after all. We were going to continue doing History and Grammar all summer, but when June rolled around I decided everyone needs a break. Including me. Especially me. Now to be honest, a few days into our break, I was really craving the routine of our school days. Everyone gets along better when there is a purpose to the day rather than a do whatever, play, no schedule kind of day. Still, I think just for this month it will be good. There's lots of lego building going on, playing outside, and going on bike rides (now that we have a Burley I can go with all the kids). We'll be going to some friends' house to use their pool once or twice a week, camping, garage saling, and I might even deep clean the kitchen- all without trying to fit school work in. When July rolls around we'll still have a bit more of a relaxed schedule as we have company coming for several days and we'll still want to get to the pool and Pete and I have a little getaway planned. We'll start adding school work back into our week around the second week of July. By August we'll be going full swing except for the week we'll take off to go camping again. By then we're usually sick of the pool and ready to buckle down and get some serious work done. For now I'm spending lots of time knitting. That is one benefit of not having formal schooling going on. I realized that another reason it's good that we homeschool is because if we didn't we probably wouldn't have a cleaner house (like I've always thought) and I'd probably be fatter- I'd be sitting around knitting all day! I guess June and December will be my knitting like a maniac months! And on that note, here's something I love-

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