Friday, November 5, 2010

What I've Been Up To

The house is full of the sound of coughing children. Which means lack of sleep for this mama with an asthmatic daughter. Thankfully, Kate seems to be improving, but we have had some long nights this week of sitting up with her. After taking her to the allergist and getting her pumped full of meds (ugh) I think the worst is over. Maddie has quite the bark and the "babies" have had runny noses for a little over a month, but I am HOPING that Monday we can get back to some kind of normal.

Last night I got to do something really fun. I got to re-learn the lesson to NEVER put your toddler or baby in a warm tub if they haven't yet done their daily business. I put Ella and Charlotte in the tub to play while I got the supper mess cleaned up. Well, just as I washed the last dish, I heard the screams and I knew exactly what had happened. I walked in the bathroom to see 3 LARGE floaters and Ella STILL SITTING in the midst of it! WHY on a night when Pete wasn't home?? So I carried the girls into my bathroom to quickly get them showered and get a diaper on Charlotte. Then I began the taks of cleaning out the bath tub. Let's just say we're going to need all new bath toys. I just wasn't going to even deal with those things so in the trash they went. Thankfully, it was mostly cheap plastic cups from restaurants and a few clearance rubber duckies and a couple other things that we've had for several years- so I don't feel too bad about trashing them.

I have a ton of pictures from our fun in October that I'll try to post soon!


Anita said...

I deeply respect you for making the choice to quit facebook and simplify life. I have been blessed to get to know you through this blog and then facebook. May the Lord continue to uphold you, grant you strength and wisdom as you raise your children for His glory. You remain in my prayers as you await the safe home arrival of your new covenant child. I look forward to continue seeing your updates:-)

And yes...hack hack hack hack... in this house too. Every Sunday I evaluate if by any chance I might still be able to salvage my Sunday and still get 2 services that day. A mother's life:-)

dkt said...

William just did that... I feel your pain! :(