Monday, December 13, 2010

It's A Mystery....

-Why Ella suddenly doesn't want to eat anything except tomato soup, peanut butter sandwiches, goldfish, and applesauce. I've always been one of those parents who thinks, "what do you mean your child will only eat _______? How about you stop making that then and try something else?" Well, let me tell you- I am NOT a short order cook. In this house you eat what mama makes or you don't eat. Problem is, she just won't eat then. So we may be going to the pediatrician soon- I'm at a loss! I've had kids go through the phase of pretty much just eating one good meal a day and picking at the rest, but this is BEYOND!

-Why Charlotte screams now when we put her to bed. She is going through some kind of separation anxiety thing, I guess?? Is this normal at nearly two and a half?

-Why Charlotte becomes an absolute MONSTER if it's a second past meal time and there's no food in front of her. I mean, she gets so worked up that I literally have to hold her in my lap and feed her. Once she gets about half a sandwich in her she perks up and becomes super cheery.

-Why I haven't figured out how to give Charlotte some food about five minutes before she gets to the monster point.

-Why my first two kids were so sweet and laid back. Well, except for Peter being REALLY curious and making messes constantly. But atleast he was happy and well adjusted. My next three have successively gotten to be more demanding and high maintenance. Maybe the Lord is preparing me for a super high maintenance number 6? Just a guess. And in case you haven't been here in awhile, no, I'm not pregnant. I'm talking about our sweet boy in Africa.

-Why as soon as you organize and overhaul one area you find five more that need to be done.

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