Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Letter to my Friends

Clean water.

A pair of shoes.

Safety in my bed each night.

The ability to go to church and worship each Sunday without fearing for my life.

These are just a few things I take for granted.

I know there is pain in Africa. I know there is war. Yet, for so long I have been blind to the depth of it. Yesterday I was thinking about how I’d like to find some more books to read on all that is going on in Africa, specifically in the Sudan. The problem is finding sources that are reliable and from a Godly perspective. Then I finally opened the package I ordered a few months ago for Peter’s birthday because I needed to wrap his gift. It is something I ordered from Vision Forum. Inside the box along with my receipt was a brochure from the Persecution Project. This is an organization started by the brother of the Vision Forum founder that does much to provide clean water and share the message of the Living Water. Perfect timing. And now, I am simply writing so I can share this with you. Go to persecutionproject.org and see what you can do to help in the efforts to bring hope to the persecuted Christians in Africa. I want to know more. I can’t turn blindly away anymore.

Persecution Project

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