Monday, December 27, 2010

A Meme- My Top Three

Books-SERIOUSLY?? How do I answer this question? There are too many books that I love. I'll just go with the first 3 that come to mind-

1. The Bible
2. Treasuring God in our Traditions by Noel Piper
3. a tie between Verses of Virtue and Valley of Vision (how weird that they both have 2 words that start with V in their titles!!)

Favorite Desserts-

1. Ice Cream- any kind that has lots of chocolate in it
2. My mom's chocolate cake
3. Key Lime Pie

Ways to spend time-

I'm splitting this up into 2 categories- Everyday Life
and In A Dream

first, everyday life
1. In Bed with a Book
2. Singing (all the same song) with my husband and children
3. Enjoying Chinese food with Pete after the children are all tucked in

second, in a dream
1. on the beach with a book and a margarita
2. listening to my favorite music without interruption
3. enjoying Chinese food with Pete after the children are tucked in AND sleeping peacefully by 8 pm

I tag Brooke, Janet, and Dianna :)

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Ginger said...

Ha! I love the dream home date! Too funny!