Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Hope of Spring

Some of you may remember my rant last February about how I detest that month. Although the shortest, it tends to drag on in forever winter. Thankfully, this year, with our trip to Ethiopia, February flew by. Now here we are in March and four of my children are playing outside while one has just gone down for a nap- after coming in quite muddy and smelling like a dirty dog. How is it, by the way, that a sweet child can be so stinky afte an hour outside?
Yes, they come to the door for a million things- I need a drink, I need to go potty, she poured bubbles on my head, she is throwing dirt from the garden in my hair, watch me do this, can we ride our bikes, I need to go potty.... Still- they are outside!! It is a BEAUTIFUL thing. While they play, I run around like a crazy doing all the things that have been staring at me while doing school work this morning- week's laundry sorted and started washing, kitchen counter cleaned off, supper in the crockpot. And now it's time for a little blogging and a little dark chocolate before they all come in for finishing up school work and doing some Narnia reading.

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