Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Wore My Ugly Shoes

Yesterday I took off for a three hour shopping marathon. It was not fun. I was on a mission to get pants. Apparently when you lose 20 pounds your pants don't stay up so I was desperate- I literally had not a single pair of shorts or capris that fit me. However, I don't exactly have the funds for a new wardrobe. To me, shopping is work. I don't have that skinny, pre-baby carrying body that could wear any style anymore. She is gone, never to return. And so, it is tricky to find styles that aren't "teeny bopperish" and muffin top baring, but also aren't "matronly." Seriously. Work.

When I got dressed in the morning, I knew I was going to be trying clothes on in a hurry. So I dressed for it. That includes no jewelry. And my ugly shoes. I wore Crocs shopping. And I couldn't help but think about how mortified my mother and my sister would be if they'd had to shop with me. When they go shopping they look super cute- lipstick, jewelry, cute shoes... It's okay- I got the job done and I now have pants that fit.

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Racine said...

Yeah...Crocs are ugly. But I'm glad you're able to admit that, and that you found pants :) However, the idea is to wear shopping the shoes you will be wearing the most with the pants you're buying. I hope that doesn't mean Crocs are your usual shoe of choice ;)

Oh and thanks for thinking I look cute when I go shopping. I had to shop for shoes the other day with one kid hanging on me and wearing the other in the sleepy wrap...I probably looked a little crazy buying five inch stilletos.