Friday, June 3, 2011

More About Girls Day in the City

Sorry, I'm a lazy blogger sometimes. While Brooke was here with 3 of her kids last weekend, we took our oldest girls to Chicago for the day. So that was my Kate and Maddie and her Emma and Lily. Peanut got to come along just because he's the baby and he's cute. They had a great time riding the train and seeing the sights. We had our work cut out for us keeping 4 little girls from podunk from crossing streets without looking, but everyone stayed alive and had fun too.

We visited the American Girl store- to look, not buy- and I found out the secret for doing the doll's hair so we will not be spending $10-$20 to get any doll's hair done anytime soon. Then we had lunch at Food Life in Macy's before heading back to the train.

The purse I'm carrying is one of my favorite things ever. I wish I could say it is something I made, but alas, it is not. It is a Vera Bradley. A couple of years ago I fell in love with the cafe latte pattern and allowed myself to purchase the little id/coin purse thingy. I had the plan to save some money and eventually buy a purse or tote. Then they discontinued my favorite pattern! I ended up buying the hipster (in caffe latte) on ebay- at no savings, really, but I was determined to have that pattern!!

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Fiveboys said...

Thanks, Rachel! LOVE that purse! Hmmmm, wished you had made it too. Then you could make me one!