Tuesday, November 29, 2011


...comes unexpectedly. Without these six by me everyday how would the Lord teach me so many lessons? Me, who likes my space and my quiet, the lessons that come from being jostled, bumped, talked at all day?

On a day...

...when a toilet is overfull and refuses to flush I am glad for 2 other toilets and a husband with a strong gag reflex and good plunger wielding abilities coming home at 6.

...when the three year old pees on the couch I'm just so glad she actually took a nap.

...when the little spitfire with the freckles and the many missing teeth wants to stay in her pj's all day and take a nap after lunch, I'm so glad that the reading lesson happened without a fight and the "light" seems to be coming on.

...when I start to think of all we haven't done yet, I am reminded of what IS happening here- 2 read Acts 1 and told it back in a new devotional journal, many board games played, logic worksheets, math, phonics - done, imaginary play going strong, timeline practiced, piano, yes, it's been a good day. And I am being changed thanks to my Father who is faithful and ministers to me by His Holy Spirit in the midst of the busyness and imperfection of these days!

He is faithful. And so I am glad.

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brookebrownell said...

huh? people have more than one toilet? ;)