Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking Back on 2011 in pictures

I turned 34.

Pete and I traveled to Ethiopia to meet Teshome and attend court to officially adopt him

This was a slow month for us as we were sort of waiting around for news on when we could go back to get our son.
I had "tea and poetry" with the girls.

Pete went back to Ethiopia to bring Teshome home. Ella turned 4.

My friend, Brooke, came for a visit from South Carolina with 3 of her 7 children. The girls (my Kate and Maddie and her Emma and Lily) had great fun on our train ride and day in Chicago.

We had fun camping in Michigan. Kate turned 8.

We enjoyed a couple of days at a friends' cottage. Charlotte was potty trained.

Peter participated in a pie eating contest at the Lake County Fair. Maddie turned 6.

Our "baby" turned 3 and declared that she doesn't need her beloved "pipeys" anymore and gave them up cold turkey.

We went to Michigan for the day for our annual visit to my grandparents where the kids enjoy fishing in Great Grandpa's ponds.

My family came from Michigan to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. Here I am with my mom and sister.

Peter turned 10, celebrating with cousins, Curtis and Clayton who share December birthdays. Pete turned 33.


Chandra said...

What a fun re-cap! Does this mean you have a birthday coming up soon?

GoodTimes said...

Fabulous year! I have to say, your mom looks amazing!! She doesn't look much older than you or your sister... Cheers to an amazing and blessed new year!

Jinnifer richard said...

great fun with cake. you really enjoy with this