Thursday, June 28, 2012

They must all have tapeworms

I was really planning to come back here with a nice little post about all the things that have been keeping us busy- too busy for me to blog. But here I am writing about how ASTOUNDING it is that my children are nearly CONSTANTLY hungry!! They eat breakfast around 7 or 7:30. It never fails, by 9 ish atleast 3 of them are falling on the floor hungry. Usually I make them eat an apple or banana or carrot sticks if they "need" food in between meals. It's time to come up with more options though. As long as they eat their meals, I will feed them. Even if we do have a higher grocery bill than mortgage payment. Yikes. Don't even mention how much money we'll be spending on groceries when we have 6 teenagers in the house all at once.


Chandra said...

I hear ya. The kids definitely already eat twice as much as I do. I use toast and bagels and cereal as snacks quite a lot. They can get them without me, and it's bottom of the food pyramid, right?

And seriously, they just grow right out of their clothes when they eat like this, so it should be illegal.

Jon and Angie Tyner said...

Same here! I can't keep these kids full! :)

Michelle said...

By 9:00? Wow. I'm one of those who has to eat every three hours or so, and I feed my little ones at the same time. Our snacks consist of milk (I think the protein keeps us going), some kind of grain product, and a fruit or veggie...seems like we're eating constantly here! Making sure to drink enough water helps a lot, too.

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