Wednesday, October 10, 2012

the bad with the good

Some mornings I sit around the table with the kids and feel like I'm talking to brick walls. I read. I stop and ask questions and all I get back are blank stares. I just read that and you can't answer a question! Some days I feel like this homeschooling is too hard. They aren't getting it. Then our "school" is done for the day and here's what I see. One is "composing" a song on the piano, actually taking the time to write out the notes so he can play his made up tune again later. One big girl is listening to one tiny girl read her a story. One is reading a book alone. Two are taking a pile of not so good potatoes outside, leaving a trail of them for the deer. And then I say to myself, this is why I will keep going. Seeing them enjoy eachother, work together, have time to be creative, this is why I will keep dealing with the mornings when a couple people didn't get enough sleep and a couple are having trouble getting along and everyone is sort of zombie like and has NO idea what metamorphosis is even though I JUST explained it. I'll take the bad with the good because the good is so sweet.