Monday, October 15, 2012

We Made a Big Switch

This year we decided to make a big change to our schooling. We discovered the rich and delightful curriculum, Tapestry of Grace, and have loved implementing it. It is a history and literature based curriculum which also includes Bible survey/church history, geography, philosophy (in the higher grades), art, and writing. Tapestry is a four year cycle to be repeated at different levels. It is designed for ALL grades- kindergarten- high school, divided into four different learning levels. The planning is done for me, making our studies richer and my life simpler at the same time. What makes this journey even more wonderful is the fact that we have four other Christian families that we meet with every three weeks to do a literature based discussion or activity, a hands on activity, and just share some sweet fellowship. Each nine week unit culminates in a unit celebration in which we dress in costumes, share a meal, display our maps, crafts, etc and enjoy family fellowship. Here are some pictures from our first unit celebration in which we studied Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.