Friday, September 28, 2007

3 bowl limit

I am pretty sure I spend most of my grocery budget on cereal. And when we do our monthly cereal stock up at Walmart do we ever get some strange looks! It is amazing how much cereal the small bodies of Peter, Kate , and Maddie can consume! We have had a 3 bowl limit in our house for awhile now without which there's no telling how long they would sit at the table asking for a refill! As it is I don't really know why I bother to attempt to sit down to eat my ONE bowl of cereal when I know I am going to spend the better part of the half hour getting up to get more cereal and milk- can't keep it all on the table because Peter mixes 2 different kinds and Kate and Maddie usually have a different kind for each bowl. You think cereal is an easy meal- no cooking, just bowls and spoons, right? Wrong. I am better off cooking up some oatmeal and giving them one huge serving. Well, I am sure you will sleep much better tonight now that you know the breakfast habits of our family! I am going on a date with my husband tonight and I am REALLY looking forward to sitting down and being waited on :) Then by the time we get home I will be feeling like I really miss them and I'll be so excited to see them in the morning and have cereal with them again!

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