Saturday, September 29, 2007

loving our school time

Sisters are for decorating

G is for goggles

I think home schooling could be the most challenging and tiring thing I have ever sought to do. However, I already feel like it will probably be one of the most rewarding things as well. It is quite a juggling act- I won't say it's easy to try to figure out how to get the "school work" done when Ella decides her teeth hurt and she's going to cry after only napping for 30 minutes or Maddie won't stop saying "school" or "look mommy" really loudly over and over when I am trying to explain something to Peter or Kate. And it is really difficult to find an hour or two on Friday or Saturday when I can plan the following weeks lessons. BUT in spite of the challenges, this is so much fun!!!! As a dear friend pointed out, home school is more than doing school at home - it is a lifestyle! Education doesn't just happen as we gather at the table to do our worksheets, although that time is very important. It happens all day- as we make oatmeal together (fractions, science), read books together (language arts, history), build a castle with blocks (geometry), etc. Also, our main goal is not on accomplishing a certain number of lessons in a week. Rather our hope is to develop in our children a Godly world view, to teach them how to learn and how to think, to build people of great character that recognize that they must use the minds God has given them for his glory! It is such a wonderful blessing to have the freedom to home educate!


Janet said...

Love your philosophy of home education. I feel the same way!

Racine said...

Don't forget about my nativity scene :-P...I got lucky because it came out that I liked Willow Tree just when Dan's extended family needed ideas for a Christmas that's what I've received ever since.
That's so great that you're enjoying home schooling, I think you're absolutely nuts for taking it on...but if anyone's capable, you are! Have a great week!