Monday, September 24, 2007


That's the word I kept saying to myself as I tried not to cry over the spilled milk at the breakfast table this morning. "Perspective" as I tried to figure out how to clean up my cereal soaked, mess prone girl. "Perspective" as I headed down the road to feeling sorry for myself that such a mess had to occur right away on a Monday morning. "Perspective" as I thought I should be thankful that she is healthy. So what about a sticky floor and extra dirty laundry. Last night I happened to watch a few minutes of one of those Children's Miracle network telethons where they show you all these stories of very sick children and make you cry. So of course that was on my mind as I cleaned up the mess and reminded myself that it's all about perspective! If a little mess (or a big mess, depending on your perspective :) at the table is going to make me crabby and upset at my child then I definitely need to adjust my perspective!

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Janet said...

Okay, I admit it. Spilled anything annoys me. But you are SO right. It's all about perspective. Yep.