Wednesday, September 19, 2007

trick question

Yesterday I decided we need two of me. One to do the laundry, cleaning, and cooking. One to do the fun stuff- reading to the kids, teaching, taking the kids to the park, etc. I love the latter, the former is often undone or barely done. I asked Pete, "Can you handle two of me?" Before I even realized it was a "trick question" he said he'd rather not answer that one. Smart man!
Seriously, if everything around the house was to get done I would have to give up completely on sleeping- ever. I wonder how long I will feel this way! Will there come a time when laundry is washed, folded, and put away all in the same day?! The kids are learning to help, but it is still all quite overwhelming. Is it possible to do everything well? The most important things- talking to the kids, reading to them, teaching them about this world and their place in it I do not want to neglect! So when you come over you will see baskets of CLEAN laundry sitting around (unfolded), crumbs on the floor around the table, toothpaste on the bathroom sink (and mirror and in Maddie's hair), random socks abandoned here and there, fingerprints (and maybe some peanut butter) on the sliding door, unopened mail and coupons and art projects and lists and hair bows scattered all over "that one" counter in the kitchen. Hopefully, if you look beyond that you will see four children who love eachother and are learning all that God wants them to learn- about serving Him and others and building up His kingdom- in spite of their imperfect mother!

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Janet said...

Your kids look pretty young to me....and so....YES! It will get much better! Once they start to get older, they are capable of doing SO much more. I use them for slave labour all the time. As a matter of fact, your Uncle Bill used them to pick up rusty nails on his lawn. Bad babysitter! Anyway, it really does get easier, although I'm sure that is hard to believe right now. What really matters is what you said at the end....that they grow up knowing and loving God. You're doing great! :-)