Tuesday, September 4, 2007

spelling lessons

Today was our first day of school! The kids and I were very excited to begin this new adventure! However, our day got off to a rocky start as Maddie greeted me with a mess. When I went in to get her out of bed this morning I saw that she had removed her diaper and then pooped in her crib. She then proceeded to step in it and walk around her crib, leaving a trail all over her sheet, blanket, baby dolls, and a few books. So it took me awhile to get that cleaned up. In a hurry to get on with their school day whether I was ready or not, Peter decided to give Kate a spelling lesson. They were playing with Maddie's new numbers puzzle and the conversation went something like this:

Peter: " see Kate, if you put an e here (pointing to the word six) it says sex, s-e-x."
Kate: (nonchalantly)"oh, okay."
Peter: "with an i it's six, but with an e it's sex."
(here I'm thinking, this is not what I had in mind for the first day of kindergarten. Ignore or let him know what he just said?)
Me: "Peter do you know what sex is? (did I just say that? yes, I did)
Peter: "No."
Me: "Sex is the difference between a boy and a girl. A girl is the female sex and a boy is the male sex."
Peter: (nonchalantly) "oh, okay."

Glad that's over with- hopefully we won't have to use that word again for awhile :)
Wonder what we'll be learning tomorrow?!

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Racine said...

too funny. i didn't know our little maddie was a poop artist :-)