Wednesday, October 3, 2007

4 kids, 12 hours on the road- are we crazy?

Tomorrow morning, before the sun comes up, we hope to be on the road to Greenville, South Carolina to visit some friends for the weekend. We are so excited to see my best girl friend, Brooke and her husband, Clay, and their 4 kids! Brooke and I see eachother only about once a year so it's always so much fun to be able to hang out for a few days.

So I have been getting ready for the past 2 days. Yesterday was laundry, today packing. And it looks like we will be leaving the house relatively clean which will be a nice welcome when we return.

The funny thing is I'm inside doing the important last minute things (you know, like painting my toenails) and my husband is outside washing the truck. That wouldn't be so odd except it's DARK outside! I'm thinking this must be a guy thing- to want to leave on a trip with a clean vehicle! What do you think? Do your men need to have a clean car before a roadtrip- I'm talking to you, my 3 readers :) Let me know!


Anonymous said...

My husband loves to clean the car before we leave. He also loves to clean the garage when company is coming over! We do NOT ever take company into the garage. My husband does not work on garage projects or cars. Who knows where this fascination with a clean car for travel and a clean garage for company comes from :)?

Racine said...

Dan's dad cleans their cars two-three times a week, Dan's not quite that obcessive but I know for a fact if we were going somewhere he would make sure the car was immaculate. And, when we borrowed his Grandpa's car for the honeymoon, he made a point to let Dan know that he had just taken it to the car wash for us. This seemed very important.

Racine said...

dan loves it! i hope you have a great time with brooke!

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

We own a YES, clean it, but not by yourselves, let the professionals take care of that!
:) :)

Hope you have a fun trip and I'll bet your toenails looks wonderful.


Janet said...

I'M usually the one who wants a clean vehicle. I don't think my hubby would care if we didn't wash it for years. :-)