Tuesday, October 2, 2007

helping mommy

Maddie is very insistent about helping whenver she sees me headed for the laundry room. She gets on the step ladder that I keep next to the washing machine in order to accomodate my short helpers and then reaches down to the pile of dirty clothes I put on the floor for her. It's so funny how much satisfaction she seems to get out of this job. Someday, when she has decided that laundry isn't so fun, I will be showing her these pictures!

it may not look like it, but this really is a smile

(a quick forced one to make the lady with the camera happy- Maddie just wants to get back to her work)


Janet said...

Train 'em young to be slave labour, that's what I always say.....

Great job, Maddie!!!!

Racine said...

Everytime I think..."there's no way Maddie could get any cuter..." she does something like this and proves me wrong!