Monday, December 31, 2007

Dig Deep

Time keeps going by faster and faster. It seems like just yesterday that we were hearing all that Y2K talk! And here we are at the beginning of 2008! I've never been big on "new year's resolutions." I need to make resolutions daily! To decide to start doing something, perhaps new, or perhaps again, at the beginning of a new year is quite overwhelming to me! Like when I decided that during my 29th year I'd get "in shape" (whatever that means!) so that I'd go into my 30's healthy. Well, I went into my 30's pregnant and HUNGRY!

So, I guess even though I don't like "new year's resolutions" per se, it is a good time to reflect upon what is working, what isn't and how I can change things. And of course it's always a good time to reflect upon how God has blessed us in the past year, give thanks to Him for His goodness, and commit our hearts anew to serving Him passionately each day! May He be our daily vision!

One thing I'd like to do this year is get more organized. Some of this will require help from my husband (building a closet, finishing off the spare room etc) but some I can do myself. I hate clutter. Clutter in the house clutters up my insides! Today I spent 3 hours decluttering my room including organizing my craft supplies. So I will be starting the new year with a clean room!
That leads me to the next thing- spend more time on my crafts! I need to allow myself the time to exercise my creativity. I want to knit something really soft in a yummy color- something that is for me!
I need to get babysitters on the calendar! I wait to long, can't get anyone, then Pete and I never go out. That needs to change!

There's a song on a new cd I have by Elizabeth Foster called Dig Deep. I think I need to play it each morning to help me with my daily and long term resolutions!

Dig Deep(written by Elizabeth Foster)

Dig deep girl, dig deep girl
For there's more below the surface than what you see girl
Too many people need your help to keep your eyes upon yourself
So dig deep, dig deep, dig deep
Build high girl to the sky girl
For there's more to this life than getting by girl
Too many people need to see the rock supporting thee
So build high, build high, build high
Reach farther, reach farther
For the one who made those arms can stretch them wider
Too many people need the touch of a purpose kind of love
So reach far, reach far, reach far
And dig deep, dig deep, dig deep

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Janet said...

You knit? My resolution is to learn how to knit. Okay, maybe not. My resolution is....that I won't send out Christmas cards next year. I'm pretty sure I'll do that one. again. :-)

But you ARE right. We need to seek God daily for His guidance.