Monday, January 7, 2008

crazy on caffeine

Thanks to my dear friend, Brooke who helped me realize why I have been so crabby and easily irritated lately!! I called to ask her if she thought I was crazy and need to be on something and she simply asked "how much coffee are you drinking?" Why didn't I think of that?! Somehow I have gradually increased my caffeine intake over the last several weeks. Add that to my frustrations over not maintaining our normal schedule (I am a creature who thrives on habit) as we have taken some time off our normal school work and you get one crabby Rachel. My poor kids! Tomorrow morning I will begin the tapering down process! And we started school again today! Yay- back to normal life. So I might actually be able to take the time to get the rest of my Christmas pictures on the computer and post a few! That probably seems to not make sense- that now that I'm teaching my children again I'll have time to do something that I couldn't while we were on break. The thing is, I do much better when I keep a strict schedule for all of us. Somehow when I keep things structured I have more free time. Actually I have no "free" time. I'm not really even sure what that means. But I have more time to sneak in a few minutes of a hobby here and there.


Janet said...

I always find I get waaaay more done when I have lots to do. Go figure.

Racine said...

Caffeine is evil. Cut it out of your life completely and eventually, you will be much happier :-)
Did you drink a lot of it while you were pregnant?